spring cleaning

by dylan harley

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    Hear ye!
    Here ye find a series of demos recorded over the past 5 years - songs which have held many incarnations but stand before you (mostly) naked as the day they were written.
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released March 13, 2017

photograph - lily shield



all rights reserved


dylan harley Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: my mom likes this song
E Ab7 C#minor A7 repeat infinity

henry kicked the chicken coop
chicken's dead, chicken soup
put it in the pot turn the flame up high
let the kettle whistle
pick the banjo, bow the fiddle
call the dogs home when it's supper time

momma tuck me in between the sheets tween the linens
momma sing me songs til i close my eyes
momma tell me stories about when i was a baby
momma gonna love you til the day i die

henry sowed a pumpkin seed
it grew into an apple tree
apples in his belly when they're big and red
leave the bones and gristle
pick the banjo bow the fiddle
give the dogs scraps til they're good and fed


henry churned the butter round
spilled the bucket on the ground
biscuits outside in the freezing cold
steep the tea and whittle
pick the banjo bow the fiddle
let the dogs snooze when they're getting old


written fall 2007
Track Name: an open letter to brad paisley
hey brad -

hope you enjoy the song! if you'd like to hear an alternate version and see the music video you can go here:


be sure to get in touch next time you pass through providence!

A Bm E

another night at the rodeo
last call bout an hour ago
now the band is playing soft and slow
there's couples kissing neath the neon glow

no ring on your finger
no lipstick on your shirt
no doubt in my mind
we could make this work

come on cowboy - dont be shy
you're just a dude - im just a guy
if the boot fits wear it - don't ask why
come on cowboy - let's take a ride

i bet you like brad paisley
i do too
i got a paisley shirt
i bet would look great on you
no your momma don't like it
but your momma aint here
and i know you wanna dance
the way you're tapping that beer

so come on cowboy - don't be shy
you know how to two step
now let me teach you to fly

come on cowboy...

written summer 2013
Track Name: i swear i wrote this before taylor swift did
if you need proof (taylor i'm a big fan of your work):


verse/chorus chords:
G G7 C C7 x 2
G B7 C7 D7
G G7 C C7

bridge chords:
B7 Eminor Amaj D/D7

some people gonna make you mad
some people gonna treat you bad
some people gonna drive you insane
drag you through coals til you feel their pain

you got to shake it off
stomp it down and move on

i know haters get stuck in your head
i never met a hater didn't hate themself dead
so don't you listen to a word they say
you got to know how to walk away

you just shake it off
stomp it down and move on

i know it's hard sometimes
living on the losing side
don't let it get you down
keep your head in the sky
feet on the ground


some people gonna call you a friend
play you like a game that never ends
let go, live and learn
everybody gonna get what they deserve

you just shake it off
stomp it down and move on

written fall 2012
Track Name: my mom does NOT like this song
you might not either.

"but you can't always make your momma happy" - socrates

D G E A7

waiting on a shotgun letter
from a woman who knows I'm trying to forget her
five months now and I'm starting to lose my mind

waiting on a shotgun letter
just to blow out my brains and make me feel better
mail man says it happens all the time

wish that post would get here quick
so i wouldn't have to sit around and make myself sick
thinking about the way things used to be

if it doesn't get here before too long
ima run out of words to put in this song

waiting on a shotgun letter
from a woman down south who knows me better
five months now and i'm starting to lose my mind

waiting on a shotgun letter
to blow out my brains and make me feel better
mailman says it happens all the time

mail man mail man
don't you lie
walking up the road with a smile and a tie
telling me "everything gonna be ok"

when the hammer comes down are you gonna be there?
handing me a copy of vanity fair
pull that trigger and carry on your way

waiting on a shotgun letter...

written fall 2011
Track Name: someone at a bar said i should record this
i dedicate this to those fighting depression, anxiety and any other form of mental malaise. or just anyone having an exceptionally terrible horrible no good very bad day.

C E7 Aminor Fmaj Fminor

woke up this morning with a headache full of nails
stumbled out the front door and i fell right down the stairs
where i traded my teeth for a couple crooked rocks
a little girl from up the street came skipping down the block

she said "it's such a beautiful day; why do you look like..
such a beautiful day; why do you sound like..
such a beautiful day; why do you feel like shit?"

i said "the tax man took my money
the mailman took my dog
my lover left this morning and i turned back to a frog
snowfall makes me sweaty
sunshine leaves me cold
i'm only 25 i'm too young to feel this old and it's

such a beautiful day - why do i look like...

you can wallow wallow wallow
down in misery all day
talk and talk and talk
until there's nothing left to say

if you never feel your feet
you'll never find your way
spend your whole day yelling
then you'll never learn to pray

if you need a hand you better take one
if you need a friend you better make one

it's such a beautiful day...

written summer 2012
Track Name: work is for suckers
straight from the mouth of a good buddy who is still the biggest sucker i know- some songs write themselves.

verse G A D
Bminor C Bminor C D
chorus D A G A x2
G Bminor Emaj F# G A

six in the morning
fall out of bed
cold coffee, cigarette, stale bread
rat in a race
i'm a rat in a trap
counting all the hours
that i'll never get back

pick up the pace
shovel that shit
i swear to god
some day i'm gonna quit

work is for suckers
you break your back for some stupid mother...
time is money
money ain't free
work is for suckers
that sucker is me

boss is a dick
but i guess he's working too
telling all us other suckers what to do
powerball jackpot 50 million bucks
first thing i'd do is tell em all to get f00ked

bartender - pour another round
why the long face? don't they pay you not to frown?

work is for suckers...

there's a future in my head
where i know i've got it made
do what i want and i still get paid
sleep all day - live like a slob
being bored will be my full time job

cause pushing paper ain't better
stuck in a room with a bunch of bed wetters

work is for suckers...

written winter 2014
Track Name: my mom doesn't believe i wrote this
but i did. still not sure why i played it for my mom.

some combination of E A and B- might be D in there too...

nina took the kids
wanda took the dog
took the whole damn hog

now i'm living outside my mom's house
in a tent i used as a kid
no job
no car
i'm three times divorced

all of them told me they loved me
all of them took the vow
i got no ring
no balls
no head to bow

they all got stolen or cut off
they all got pawned for cash
i'm one time
two times
three times divorced

time heals everything i'm told
and new love blooms
from the ashes of a love gone cold

a child is a blessing
every blessing becomes a curse
when you're
one time
two times
three times divorced

niña was my boss
she fired me when we split
wanda burnt my records
in the purge of '96
the whole town knows bout that

i'm one time
two times
three times divorced

written summer 2012
Track Name: sponsor me steak and lube
i guess this one is because i listened to a lot of weird-al, weezer and the magnetic fields' "69 love songs" when i was 14.

A E D Dminor
pre chorus C# minor D C#minor D E A

you were working by the heat lamp
at the steak and lube
fried chicken, collard greens
coffee too

your teeth were twisted
your eyes were brown
your hair looked heavy
when you let it down

i got so wasted
when i first tasted you
hey denise - why don't you love me anymore?

we'd ride my bike all down the boulevard
spit on the kids
out playing in the park
my eyes were bloodshot
my teeth were brown
you'd get me high
and then you'd talk me down

it felt so right
speeding home beneath
the traffic lights with you

hey louise why don't you love me anymore?

i got no one but myself to blame
no, i never even caught your name

hey bradley why don't you love me anymore?

written winter 2009
Track Name: sup nashville
recorded in my childhood bedroom. sup nashville. dedicated to tio savich and the rosewater ladies.

C Dm G C
bridge F G C
Dm G C
F G C Am
Dm G C

i know you might be impressed
with the things i say
and the way i dress
look in my eyes
you'll see i'm a mess

holes in my pockets where my money goes
holes in my sock where i stick out my toes
for every hole i patch up
another one grows

cowgirl don't set your hopes to high on me
ill only let you down

watered down whiskey
watered down wine
water down soup a bowl at a time
i'll be well fed and drunk
til the well runs dry

cowgirl don't set your hopes to high on me
ill only let you down
cowgirl don't you ever sit and cry for me
i aint worth the quarter for that heart ache song
in the juke at the bar downtown

you say you don't worry
tell me why you got bags underneath your eyes
you say you're in no hurry
that don't change the fact i'm a waste of time


written fall 2007
Track Name: farmers rule the planet
here's to all my farmers out there making it work. farmer dudes are babes too. shout out to big baby Sky.

chords - i think D A G

farmer babe
sunburnt silo
picking husk cherries
with your feet in the dirt

farmer babe
green bean mama
thrift store thread bare flannel shirt

farmer babe
lying in the shadows
late afternoon drinking a beer
catching clouds
forecast the future
the waters muddy
but your eyes are clear

farmer babe
queen of the compost
egg shell red bell nettle green sting
rotten wood
worms in the apples
that's a queen that don't need no king

do you wanna dance?
do you wanna dance?

written and recorded summer 2012